Keep customers informed with less effort

Communicating with guests has always been time consuming taking up most of the operations teams energy. Since COVID-19 guest communication has become more important than ever, which is why over 74% of hospitality providers plan to communicate with guests throughout their stay using digital means. Using Absolutely's in-platform messaging service connects the guest, property manager and home service professional in a secure, encrypted environment.

Emails and Texts

Email and SMS messages are sent to guests to keep them updated on their problem.


In-App and Platform Notifications

Along with email and SMS communication, Absolutely delivers in-app notifications for guests, and platform notifications with property managers and home service pros.


Encrypted messaging

Absolutely delivers you a full encrypted messaging service to enable you to message each customer directly in real time


Monitor all of your guest communication through one central portal

Disorganised communication leads to unanswered questions, delayed jobs, negative reviews, and unhappy guests. Stop your team using Whatsapp, and other messaging services and monitor all of your guest communication through One Central Portal

Messaging through Absolutely enables three way communication that streamlines communication with the complete value chain; guest, property manager and home service pro.