Intelligent Reporting

Accelerate business value with data

Turn unrefined data into remarkable outcomes with end-to-end, data integration and analytics solutions. Close the gaps between data, insights, and real world action.

Using all the data, Absolutely delivers back structured data that enables partners to connect the dots to make smarter decisions. You’ll understand where your business is making or losing money, and how to productively improve how you operate to better manage your time and your teams.

big data

How it works



Either with integrations in to your CMS or through Absolutely platform we automatically collect all the data we need.



Absolutely easily cleans, maps and groups your data in our powerful data mapping interface.



Feed all your data into any tool you like. Power your business intelligence with data, feed it directly to your data warehouse, dashboard solution, or any other tool you are using.



The platform delivers every partner their own Dashboard, that allows them to better understand their data.

We deliver bespoke search facilities to make it simple for partners to search their data


Team Data

Drill down on your individual team members to better understand their performance.

Using Absolutely's sophisticated data mining capabilities we allow you to better understand what your team are doing and help improve their time management and activities.


Real Time Data

Every problem that comes through automatically updates your dashboard in real time.

It doesn't matter how frequent the data comes through to Absolutely, we're always updating your data, to give you intelligent analytics to make sure you make the best decisions possible, in real time.