Job Management

Absolutely delivers all the information about the job right to your finger tips, so you and your team can deliver personalised service, so every customer is as important as the last.

Task Management

Normal Task

Creating a normal task enables you to build your list of tasks that are associated to a job. You can apply a monetary value to the task, if needed, and all this information will be sent to your customer, so they know where they are in the job, with task description and expected completion times.

Variation Task

We all know when you’re on the job new issues can come out, that we may never have been able to see before. With this you can create a variation task. This task will update the customer with the new information and costs for them to approve at a click of button.

Snagging Task

At the end of the job, if the customer finds some small issues you’re able to create a snagging task that enables you to update the customer and finish off the job.


Property care tailored for every guest and home.

Breezewav’s event triadered workflows make it easy for vou to customize property care for listings with pools and hot tubs, and reservations with pets and special requests. This means higher-quality care for each home and more personalized quest experiences (and more tive-star reviews.


Simplify collaboration with service partners.

Breezeway lets you easily manage and assign work to outsourced teams (like cleaning, maintenance, linen delivery, etc.), with the option for them to accept/relect each lob, or delegate accepted tasks to their own employees.


Eliminate the need to call & text your team.

Give vour team and service partners the option to receive text messages, emalls, and app push notifications upon new task assignments and updates on existing jobs. Automatic updates keep vour team on the same page without vou havina to lift a tinger.