Decision Layer

We make the complex simple!

What We Do

Making automation accessible is at the foundation of everything we do. By separating logic and business rules from application code, we empower those who best understand the business with the ability to automate the decisions that drive the business. The result? Faster change cycles, more accuracy and less risk.

The Approach

We empower you to understand and automate rules with unparalleled speed, accuracy, and transparency. Our approach enables both technical and business authors to write and manage decisions – without the need for complex code modifications.

Business Rules Engine

Business rules are configured and tested using Pact™ proprietary solution. Pact™ enables users to see, understand, and edit the business rules without writing any code or needing any understanding of coding.


No Code Required to edit Rules


Multiple Formats to Configure Rules

Automating All Process Types

Pact™ can be used to build solutions for different types of business problems. These include:



Automation of user interactions, approvals, requests, etc.



Handling flat files and other imports. Processing, transforming, and manipulating data. Data clean-up and standardization. Outputting to systems and databases.



Less structured workflows that are controlled by data and rules.



Enforcing policy, making decisions, centralising business logic.

Don’t just automate, optimise!

Integrated business metric handling as well as flexible reporting/dashboard creation tools allow full visibility into your running business processes and executed rules. This data is the basis of being able to make meaningful changes to your key business processes.

Faster to results.

Instead of new functionality being coded from scratch, with Pact™ applications are assembled from prebuilt and pretested “steps”. Processes come together fast. Most customers’ initial processes and rule sets are built, tested, and deployed within days or weeks after starting.


What is Decision Layer?

Decision Layer centralises decision making logic, creating a single source of reliability for everyone. You can centralise all your policy documents, business rules, limits, schedules, and risks, achieving multiple goals with one solution.

Can the Rule Engine be integrated in to any Claims Management System (CMS)?

Yes, we have integrations going on in to Guidewire, Salesforce and Duckcreek, as well as our own CMS.

Is the Decision Layer just used for claims?

No, Decision Layer can be used as a single source of knowledge for your whole company, including Underwriting.

Does Pact create the rules or can my business do it?

We highly recommend Pact builds your suite of rules, due to the complexity, however we provide a full suite to enable you to build, test and implement your rules in both UAT and production environments.

Can the rules be changed or are they fixed?

Decision Layer is flexible and can accommodate a variety of complexities, one of which being version control which allows you to make changes to the rules based on your needs.

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